May I assign someone to slaughter a qurbani for me?

Yes, you may. There is even a fatwa issued by Al Iftaa Department for this matter.

The instructions of sale and slaughtering of qurbani on behalf of others, which are supplied by International Corporation for Sheep & Corban are in line with the Islamic sharia. Therefore, assignment to buy and slaughter a qurbani is allowed and there is no reason for disallowing a Muslim from assigning the said Corporation to do so. All he/she needs to do is to pay the qurbani price to the Corporation and it will buy and slaughter it, even in any country other than Jordan.


Fatwa No. 790

What are the qurbani requirements to be fulfilled?
  • First: qurbani has to be of livestock animals, which are restricted to camels, cows, goats and lambs as stated in the Holy Quran – “To every people did We appoint rites (of sacrifice), that they might celebrate the name of Allah over the sustenance He gave them from animals.” – Chapter 22 the Pilgrimage سورة الحج – Al-Hajj: Verse 34.Second: the sacrificed animal has to meet the age requirement.The required age of each animal is as follows:

    Cows: a cow has to have turned two years and is already in its third year of age.

    Camel: a cow has to have turned five years and is already in its sixth year of age.

    Lamb: it is preferred for a lamb to have turned one year; however, for some scholars, it may be 6, 7, 8 or 10-month old.

    Goat: a goal has to have turned one year and is already in its second year of age.

    Third: it has to be free of defects that prevent the thawab, and there are four possible defects as follows:

    • Evident loss of vision in one eye;
    • Evident sickness;
    • Evident lameness; and
    • Weakness causing an animal to be brainless.

    Fourth: it has to be owned by the sacrificing person.

    Fifth: the animal has to be free of any encumbrances related to third party’s right, as a pledged animal may not be sacrificed.

    Sixth: the animal has to be sacrificed within the timeframe set by sharia, which is following the Eid Prayers on the slaughtering day until the sunset of tashreeq days that occurs on the 13th of Dhu Al Hijja (so the slaughtering days are four: the first day of Eid following Eid prayers, as well as three days thereafter).

Can a qurbani sacrifice be shared?

According to scholars, a camel or cow sacrifice can be shared by seven persons. However, a sheep may not be shared but by the sacrificing person’s dependent family members.

Is there an Islamic supervision to ensure the qurbani meet the sharia conditions?

There is a Sharia Committee and another Technical Committee to supervise the qurbani to make sure the sharia conditions of qurbani are met.

To how many shares a cow is divided?

It is divided to seven shares and a calf can be shared too according to a Hadith reported by Muslim from Jaber bin Abdulla who had said: “We slaughtered with the Prophet in Hudaybiyyah Year a camel for seven persons and a cow for seven persons.”

How are beneficiary families selected?

Families are selected based on certain criteria set and followed by the charities supported by Taalof Al Khair. Such criteria include the following:

  • The monthly net income name of the family shall not exceed JOD 35 per member.
  • There shall not be multiple aids offered to the same family by different entities.
  • There shall be search and study records kept with the parent charity for each family (to be shown upon request made by Taalof Al Khair).
  • The aid processes shall be documented with clear receipts and records.