A well with a depth of 10 meters – Yemen – 4175 dinars
March 3, 2023

A well with a depth of 25-35 meters, Africa – Chad – 1925 dinars


The Saqaya project aims to provide fresh water by digging wells in countries that suffer from an acute shortage of usable water. It is implemented in a number of countries in the world to bring about a radical and sustainable change in the lives of poor families suffering from thirst and deprivation.


Water well drilling project

The basin of the well is square or circular, and the length of the water stream is 80 cm
Animal watering trough, large hand pump
The depth is 25-35 meters, the approximate number of beneficiaries is 120-250 people, the excavation period is 70 days, and the price is 1925 dinars.

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