Ifttar meals for a family of 5 members 20 JOD
May 1, 2019

Atonement of fasting the whole month of Ramadan


“Whoever is unable to fast due to oldness or illness that does not please its removal does not have to fast and he has to be fed for every poor person” Ibn Uthaymeen
30 full Iftar meals provided to 30 fasting people, expiation for fasting for 30 days


Atonement for fasting a whole month (food baskets) uncooked 90 dinars

Distributed to the deserving of the poor in Jordan: rice 10 kg, sugar 10 kg, 4.5 liters of vegetable oil, brown lentils 2 kg, crushed lentils 2 kg, 8 packets pasta 180gm, 5 packets vermicelli 180gm , tea 300 medallions, 4 packets cheese triangles 8 pieces , luncheon meat 800 gm, freekeh 2 kg, beans 3 kg, 3 packets salt 750 gm, 6 packets tomato paste 135 gm.



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