Hajj al badal of a deceased 2200 – 2500 JOD


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Hajj Al-Badal

is when a qualified individual performs the Hajj pilgrimage on behalf of a deceased person, or someone chronically incapacitated or terminally ill, based on a medical report and the approval of the Shari’a Committee of Ta’alof AlKhair, comprising esteemed scholars. – At the end of the Hajj season, the designated individual for Hajj will receive a video report containing short clips showing the alternate pilgrim performing the Hajj on behalf of the provided name. – Additionally, a certificate of completion of Hajj signed by the Chief Executive Officer of Ta’alof AlKhair and members of the Shari’a Committee, along with signatures of two witnesses from within Mecca confirming the completion of the Hajj pilgrimage.

 – Hajj Mufred: Performing the rituals of Hajj only, excluding Umrah and without the obligation of sacrificing an animal, costs 2200 Jordanian Dinars per pilgrim.

Mutamate’e Hajj: Performing Umrah first, then removing the state of Ihram, and subsequently re-entering Ihram at the standing at Arafat to perform the rituals of Hajj, including sacrificing an animal, costs 2500 Jordanian Dinars per pilgrim. The aforementioned costs cover the expenses for the alternate pilgrim, the Hajj permit from the Saudi government, and the registration fees in a Hajj campaign associated with one of the Hajj and Umrah companies.

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