Iftar for a family of 5 people – Jordan (Meat with rice in a pottery pot ) worth 30 dinars.
March 22, 2022
meal for a fasting person in Jordan – 4 JOD
July 15, 2020

Malhouf iftar meal (Gaza, Yemen and displaced Syrians) 4 JDs


Iftar of your fasting brothers in Gaza, Al-Azzeh, Ma’rib Al-Saeed Al-Yemen,  and Syrians Displaced


Gaza: Each meal consists of (and is part of a two person meal) 1.3kg rice, 375gm cooked chicken, 1.5lites water, 1 litre juice, 6 dates and 2 cans of yogurt.


Yemen: Each meal consists of dates, water, rice, chicken, bread and yogurt.


Displaced Syrians: Each meal consists of 400gm cooked meal (rice with chicken or meat) 100gm dates and 200ml drink.



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