Malhouf iftar meal (Yemen and displaced Syrians) 4 JDs
July 15, 2020
Ifttar meals for a family of 5 members 20 JOD
May 1, 2019

meal for a fasting person in Jordan – 4 JOD


“Whoever breaks the fast when fasting has the same reward as he does, but it does not detract from the reward of the fasting person.”
Throughout the holy month, we offer a fasting Iftar meal, which is a full and satisfying meal served to the needy from the poor and needy in Jordan.


Iftar fasting in Jordan 4 dinars
One meal consists of: One meal consists of: rice at a rate of 350 g, a piece of chicken weight 200-250, 3 dates, a box of water, a juice box, a carton of milk, a loaf of bread, a fruit grain



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