Hajj al badal of a deceased 2200 – 2500 JOD
February 15, 2024

Qurbani (Udhiya) 125 JD (Jordan, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan)


Please note that we have stopped accepting Adahi for Gaza
Gift your Qurbani to those in need in Jordan, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan for only 125 JDs

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40% of the sacrificial animals are distributed fresh during Eid to spread joy among the needy, while to ensure sustained happiness and benefit, 60% of the sacrificial animals are set aside to be distributed frozen to the needy throughout the year.

One-third of the total sacrificial animals are distributed to Jordan, one-third to Gaza, and the remaining third is distributed to four countries: Yemen, Somalia, India, and Sudan. These proportions can be adjusted according to circumstances and what is deemed suitable for the common good. This distribution is approximate for every 100 sacrificial animals:

Sudan India Yemen Somalia Gaza Jordan
5% 5% 5% 20% 35% 30%

For every 100 sacrificial animals slaughtered, one sacrificial animal is dedicated to our brothers among the poor in India or Somalia as compensation for those sacrificed in Romania, Australia, and India.

You can allocate your sacrificial animal to a specific country as long as you agree with the designated proportions above. This is an optional preference and not binding, leaving the discretion to adapt the distribution according to the campaign’s progress, the quantities needed by each country, the availability of sacrificial animals in each country, and the conditions for slaughtering, importing, and shipping.

In case it is impossible to deliver sacrificial animals to any country due to extremely compelling circumstances, they will be redirected to another country to ensure their safety.

The sacrificial animals are distributed to the most needy groups in the communities where we operate, through partner associations in Jordan and beyond. They are distributed to poor families, homeless individuals, refugees in tents, and those displaced by famines, droughts, and wars. Talaful Al-Khair acts on your behalf to ensure and supervise the correctness of the procedures of partner associations and to document this process.

Types of sacrificial animals and their specifications:

  • Romanian or Australian sheep are distributed during Eid, with an average weight of 16-17 kg net after slaughter.
  • Indian cows are distributed after Eid, with an average weight of 15 kg boneless meat per portion.Jordan
  • Indian cows are slaughtered in India and shipped to Gaza for distribution after a period, with an average weight of 15 kg boneless meat per portion.Gaza
  • Cows are slaughtered and distributed in Yemen during Eid, with an average weight of around 160 kg.Yemen
  • Cows are slaughtered and distributed during Eid to the displaced people in Somalia, with an average weight of 17-18 kg per portion after slaughter.Somalia
  • Indian cows are slaughtered and distributed in India to poor Muslims, with an average weight of 120-140 kg.India
  • Calves have an average weight of 18-20 kg net meat per portion after slaughter.Sudan

Note: All sacrificial animals meet Sharia conditions and the legal age for slaughter. There may be variations in weights and specifications due to differences in breeds

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Jordan, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan

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