Qurbani Syria – JOD 125
May 31, 2023

Qurbani Yamen – JOD 125


Cows slaughtered and distributed locally during Eid with an average weight of 170Kg.

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  • All sacrifices (Adahi) fulfil all of Sharia’s guidelines.
  • All sacrifices (Adahi) in all countries are slaughtered after Eid prayers until the fourth day of Eid.
  • In case of any circumstance that results in disruption of the distributing process outside of Ta’alof Alkheir’s control, such as the occupation forces intercepting the meat and disallowing it from entering Palestinian land or for any other reason, Ta’alof AlKheir will its utmost best to distribute it elsewhere. And if that, for any reason beyond Ta’alof Alkheir’s control, does not happen, Ta’alof AlKheir’s liability ends there. Ta’alof reserves the right to adjust the percentage of meat distributed to countries based on what they see fit, including problems with logistics or shortage in meat supplied to some countries on where the meat will be distributed to other beneficiaries or for any other reason outside of Ta’alof Alkheir’s control, at their own discretion.
  • It also should be reiterated that these sacrifices (Qurbanis/Adahi) are slaughtered in their origin country during Eid days and then shipped via either: Plane for freshly distributed meat during Eid or via Sea freight for frozen meat. Based on that, Ta’alof AlKheir are not to be held liable for any circumstance outside of their control, including but not limited to; legislations affecting freight movement and distribution.
  • One sacrifice (Qurbani/Adahi) is slaughtered and distributed in Somalia for every one hundred slaughtered in Romania, Spain, India and Sudan. Which acts as a compensation for the skin unused.
  • The sacrifices (Qurbanis/Adahi) are handed to non-profit charitable organization which in turn deliver it to families in need based on previous studies conducted to ensure that meat is delivered to those who need it.
  • Your choice of country of distribution is a preferential choice and Ta’alof AlKheir is not bound by it. Except for when it is explicitly stated and agreed upon.
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