Taalof Al Khair is a Jordanian company registered with the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Supply; commercial register number 192816. It was established in 2009 and now the company operates in a number of countries worldwide. In addition to Jordan, it has been able to extend its reach to provide aid in Gaza, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, Burma, Ethiopia, Syria, Lebanon and other countries where more than 10 million beneficiaries are aided by the Company. Stemming from its belief in partnerships and joint efforts with others, the Company has numerous considerable organizations and commissions to which it has trusted. Such entities are located in USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and Middle East. The relationship between the company and the costumer (purchaser) is based on direct purchase and assignment to deliver the product on behalf of the purchaser to the beneficiary or to the purchaser him/herself, in accordance with the terms and specifications agreed with the purchaser.


Serve as a focal point and bridge between the social initiatives and nonprofit organizations. To be the road that intersects the pain of the people in need around the world and the expectations of the socially responsible who dream of a better world.


To be the first link between the for-profit sector and the private sector in the Middle East in order to meet the hopes and the charitable needs.