By agreeing on the following terms and conditions, you are buying a well and assigning us to choose the location, drill and prepare the well to produce fresh water.
- In Taalof Al Khair, we try, as much as possible, to drill wells near mosques and poor people.
- Sometimes it is impossible to find water at the drilling locations, so Taalof Al Khair tries to find somewhere else to drill a well where water exists.
- A photo-supported report of all phases of the project is submitted. The report covers the location choice, drilling and water extraction in this sequence. A sign bearing the well owner’s name is placed during the drilling phases.
- Taalof Al Khair’s role ends when water is extracted from the well. The well’s maintenance is the responsibility of the locals benefiting from its operation.
- All drilling phases are manual. Each well’s depth and wideness are as per the illustrative numbers.
- In the event of; the assigner (the second party), terminating the contract prior to the drilling commencement, 25% of the amount will be deducted and the remaining thereof will be refunded. However, if the drilling has been already commenced, the entire amount will be nonrefundable.
- The Project will be implemented in cooperation with Slslet Alrowad Contracting, which is the Company specialized in well drilling and mosque construction.