It is the Sharia Committee formed of specialized and qualified Islamic Sharia scholars. The Committee supervises projects in terms of sharia and responds to inquiries related to the contribution to any of our projects. Such scholars include Dr. Ibrahim Al Jurmi and Dr. Abdulla Al Rababa'.

Dr. Ibrahim Mohammad Al Jarmi

Ph.D in Arabic language and literature Masters in Shari'a studies Higher Diplome in Shari'a studies - Recitals concentration
Working Merits and Experiences:
Memorized the Quran from early age. Taught Fiqh on the teaching of many scholars, most famously Al-Sheikh Hasan Al-Razouq as he taught Al-Shafi'i Fiqh and Aqidah. Participated in officiating local and international Qur'an competitions, including Dubai's International Prize for Qur'an. Supervised the recording of different Qur'an recitals. Has been doing Shari'a consultations and Fatwa for 30 years. Worked as a lecturer in different Jordanian universities and the Global Islamic University in Malaysia. Involved in multiple television and radio shows about Qur'an and Shari'a
Composed Books like:
The effect of Linguistic Connotation in Muslims Disagreements of Religion Origins. Oloom' Al-Quran Dictionary Taqweem Al-Lisan in Quran Reading Al-Tasamoh Al-Mathhabi between Muslims Fareeda and Daroora Modawalat Feqhiyya Fatawa Al-Nas

Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Ahmad Al-Rababa'ah

Dr. Abdullah holds a Master's in Religious Origins from Yarmook University with Honors, a Master's in Religion Comparison from A'al Al-Beit University with Honors, and a Doctorate in Religion and Philosophy from The World Islamic Sciences and Education University with Honors. He also has published works regarding Islamic religion in renowned magazines and journals which contributed to fixing many misunderstandings that were present earlier.
Participated in Quran recital competitions in the following:
• Pakistan 1996, Iran 2005, and Dubai 2005. • A mentor in the tutoring program for media partners regarding Family health, Reproductive health and its effect on family behavior with the cooperation with Jones University, Bloomberg College, and Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf since 2010. • Participated in International officiating for Quran competition in 2013. Gained an Ijazah in Quran recitation and Sanad dating back to Prophet Mohammad PBUH.
Dr. Al-Rababa'ah has published researches, notables ones are:
• Al-Janeb Al-Aqdi for Imam Abu Baker Ahmad bin Al-Hussein Al-Behaqi • Tolerance between Quran and the New Age (A comparison Study) • Historic roots for hatred and extremism up until the time of Prophet Mohammad PbUH. • Is'aad Al-Rooh Book in explaining the methods of Sheikh Nouh