Qurbani Jordan – JOD 135
July 15, 2020

Sustainable thawaab share – JOD 100


For a continuous fee in one of the following projects: digging wells – six by six for the medical glasses of the poor – solar energy (Norte)


Share of sustainable wages (30-50-100 dinars)
– Digging wells: the harmony of goodness is delegated and delegated in selecting wells in terms of location and depth in any part of the land on which it operates and in what considers good harmony appropriate.
Six-to-six medical glasses for the poor: a value of 10 dinars, including examination, lenses, and a frame.
– Solar Energy (Norte): This stock can be used in solar energy projects as an alternative to fuel in the Gaza Strip or any other place, provided that this place is of public benefit such as medical centers, hospitals, schools, and places of worship.
– It is known that there are administrative expenses for the benevolence of good that may amount between 20-30% ؜ depending on the type of activity and this includes marketing, administrative and organizational costs and all costs related to the above projects.

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